Coleman Airbed Cot Review

coleman airbed cot review

This Coleman Airbed Cot Review helped us realize that while it’s borderline glamping, there’s something to enjoy about having a cot and mattress rolled into one. Want ultimate comfort? Can’t sleep on hard ground when camping? If you’re a creature of comfort and a good night’s sleep is hard to come by, elevation and inflation are going to be your best friends in your tent at night. Inflatable mattresses are great, but uneven ground can make it tough to get cozy. Cots are excellent, but they can often be still a bit too firm.



The Skinny on our Coleman Airbed Cot Review

  • Collapsible cot with inflatable queen mattress
  • The cot and mattress can separate to use only what you want
  • Mattress uses a double-lock valve to prevent leaking

Our Thoughts

I’m a heavy sleeper. My significant other, not so much. By not so much, I mean the wind blows and she wakes up. We’re definitely not comfortable sleeping on the ground, and when we share an air mattress things can get pretty hairy. Nonetheless, sleeping next to each other is nice, and this may just be our saving grace for our next camping trip. It’s really about the cot being sturdy, and the coils keeping the mattress comfortable. The airbed prevents any squirming from impacting the other person too much, keeping us both fast asleep.

Quick Inflation

The 4D inflation system is battery-powered. And while I didn’t like that batteries aren’t included, I’ve got plenty lying around. Once I got the batteries in, it was only about 5 minutes or so before the mattress was inflated and ready to go.

Coleman’s Airbed Cot Portability

While it’s easier to remove the mattress, the cot is foldable, and comes with a transport bag so you’re not getting camp dirt all over your sleepy stuff. It is entirely possible to leave the mattress on, but once you unpack, you may find it just easier to remove the mattress and store that elsewhere. Unless you’re MacGuyver…he always knows how to handle repacking.

Extra Storage!

One of the unknown features about the Coleman Airbed Cot is that once set up in your tent, you’ll get lots of additional storage space. If you’re tired of your bags taking up all the free space around your usual sleeping bag or air mattress, then this is a total bonus for you. There’s plenty of room underneath the cot to store your camping gear, shoes, beer, and anything else you’d rather keep for yourself, while still having plenty of walking room around then inside of your tent.

Better than Most Air Mattresses

Support on an air mattress is usually tough to come by. The cheaper mattresses are the devil when it comes to comfort. The ComfortStrong coil system of the Coleman Airbed Cot was designed to offer support where it’s usually lacking. This coil system keeps more of your body in contact with the inflatable mattress, preventing that jell-o feeling that you’d normally feel in a lesser inflatable sleeping surface. The mattress itself is about 8-12 inches depending on your comfort zone. The airtight unit on this mattress is certainly something to appreciate. Coleman took the time to develop a double-airtight locking system that keeps the air from leaking out overnight. Those that have cheap mattresses and often wake up sleeping on a deflated bag will certainly appreciate this feature.

Use it Without the Mattress

If the air mattress is a little too much for you, you can remove it and just use the cot. However, on the Queen-size cot, there is a support beam that runs the length of the bed right in the middle. It’s not very comfortable if you’re one person trying to use the entire cot.

The Fold-Out Side Tables

While a small add-on in the grand scheme, the fold-out side tables with cup holder are quite convenient. All too often, you’ll place your belongings on the ground. These side tables, though somewhat small, are ultimately convenient, and a great place to put your wallet, glasses, and other necessities that people usually lose when camping.


As someone who is a heavy sleeper, I personally don’t need this for camping on my own. However, if you’ve got family or a significant other, or are just a light sleeper, then I hope you’ve taken the time to read this Coleman Airbed Cot review. There’s a lot to be said about not only being comfortable when you sleep, but being elevated off the ground.

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Coleman Airbed Cot
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Coleman Airbed Cot

Coleman Airbed Cot








        • Cot and Airbed Separate
        • 5 Minute Inflation Time
        • Additional Storage Space Under Cot
        • Fold Out Side Tables with Cupholder


        • Bar Down Length of Cot When Mattress Removed
        • Takes Up Space Even When Folded

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