Fatboy Lamzac Coupon Code – 33% Off

Fatboy Lamzac coupon code

As of this post, you can save 33% without a Fatboy Lamzac coupon code. Price has dropped from $59.99 to $39.99. That’s a savings of $20 The Fatboy comes with its own carrying bag as well.

Was $59.99
Lightning Deal Price: $39.99
(You Save 20%, Ends At 7:00pm PST 4/6/17)

Save 33% without a Fatboy Lamzac Coupon Code!

This is a better deal than online sellers usually offer! If you found these online for a lesser price, they were usually made from lesser material, and even harder to inflate.

The Fatboy Lamzac is an excellent alternative to outdoor seating and comfort. Though sometimes difficult to inflate, the Lamzac works as a hair, on-ground hammock, or even a flotation device. Kids and adults both love sitting on these. They pack extremely small and are relatively lightweight.

If you’re going to save on this one, here’s a couple of things to know:

    • Don’t spin around in circles trying to inflate. Try to go in a straight motion.
    • Inflate one side at a time.
    • The Fatboy Lamzac can usually hold two people, but it’s much more comfortable for one person
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