8 Fatboy Lamzac Alternatives for Your Next Camping Trip

Last spring/summer, the inflatable lounge skyrocketed in popularity. The original Lamzac was a hit, and the manufacturer could hardly keep it in stock. Now that they hype is less, they’re readily available, but they can be quite expensive. If you’re looking for something cheaper, here are some Fatboy Lamzac alternatives you can try. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. Only go for these if you’re really trying to camp on a budget.

Are These Fatboy Lamzac Alternatives as Good?

These loungers can be very hit and miss. Our advice is to thoroughly read the reviews. They’ll give you thorough insight into the quality of the product from people who have used it before.

Hake Inflatable Lounger

Hake LoungerWe’ll start with the cheapest Lamzac alternative, the Hake Inflatable Lounger. At around $20 for one, it’s a pretty good steal. It also seems to have a different, somewhat shorter design to it. I’d think the fill method is the same, but probably wouldn’t recommend this lounger for taller folks.


Woohoo 2.0 Giant Lounger Chair

Woohoo 2.0I’ll never really know why a lounger actually needed a “reboot”, but the Woohoo 2.0 claims to be much larger and more comfortable than the original Lamzac itself. One end of this inflatable sofa is wider than the other, making it more of a hammock feel and comfort. Is this better than the traditional canoe shape that most others have? That may have to be for you to decide. At $35 or so, it’s still a cheaper option.


ChillaX Inflatable Lounger

Chillax Inflatable LoungerWhat could make these popular loungers even better? That’s right! A securing stake and bottle opener! Both of which have been added to the ChillaX, and while not necessarily cheaper, those are some pretty sweet features. Additionally, they’ve got some great colors and camo patterns that will go great for those camping weekends. Bears will never see you in them.


Two Tree Hammock Co. Air Chair Original

Two Tree Air Chair OriginalI don’t know why, but I really like this one in black. Not sure how well that would do in the summer heat. They do have other colors available. I love the fact that the company is located in Vancouver, BC. Even better, is that with every sale, they plant two trees, which is tough to find these days. So for the affordable price of $39, you’re getting a high-quality lounger (according to reviews), and you’re saving the environment.

Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounge

Chillbo Baggins Inflatable LoungeLooking to stick out from the crowd a little bit? Then this could be the perfect Fatboy Lamzac alternative. The Chillbo Baggins is available in a LOT of loud patterns and designs. This is perfect for festivals, parties, or just people who can never find their spot on the beach or campsite. Trust me, you’ll see some of these patterns from a mile away. This lounger is doing pretty good with reviewers too, so make sure to read up on those.


Mamble Inflatable Sofa

Mamble27 reviews isn’t a lot by Amazon standards, but as far as Fatboy Lamzac alternatives go, this one is by far the best reviewed. It even beats out the original. Not to say these reviews haven’t been inflated (no pun intended), but that’s pretty impressive. The Mamble comes in lots of fun colors, and the carry bag is attached to the sofa itself, so it won’t be blowing away in the wind. I’ve lost plenty of carry bags in my time, so that’s quite convenient. It’s got a funny shape for an inflatable lounger, but it looks promising.


Aerobon Premium

AerobonAnother solid looking Fatboy Lamzac alternative. This uses a single inlet, where most inflatable loungers use two, allegedly making this much easier to inflate while holding air much longer. The square shaped headrest (I think this is a patent workaround, since many do it), makes things a bit more comfortable, but this is another one where I think it’s just smaller than the original, and not ideal for tall people. Basketball players beware.


HomemeThe reviews are promising, and at $35 for one of these, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Other than that, I can’t say too much about the Homeme Lounger. I’m always bothered by “brandless” product names and Photoshop marketing materials…you’ll see when you check it out. I’m surprised that this one is at 4 stars, but there’s gotta be something people like about it.


Editor’s note: Regardless of the Fatboy Lamzac alternatives you choose, you’ll find that they are all somewhat difficult to fill. Don’t spin yourself in a circle. Drive the lounge open and straight to get the most air into it as possible. Otherwise, you’ll be working forever to fill er’ up.

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