ALPS Mountaineering Escape Chair Review

Alps Mountaineering Escape Chair review
On the next round of chair shopping, I decided to look into a Alps Mountaineering Escape Chair review. I’m not the best at taking care of all of my camping chairs. Whether I lend them out to my friends, rip them, or simply break one here and there, I can always use more. This one wins in comfort.



The Skinny on our Alps Mountaineering Escape Chair Review

  • Powder-coated steel aluminum frame for added weight capacity
  • Footrest for…feet.
  • 600D polyester is a sturdy fabric for extra durability

Our Thoughts

The steel aluminum frame and 600D polyester are nothing new. We’ve found lots of chairs with similar frames and fabric that hold up just fine. When we choose a product to review, we normally look for something that’s a little bit outside the box. If you haven’t caught on to what it might be (even if you’ve already seen something like it), read on.

It’s got a Footrest!

I absolutely love this little feature. Normally, I’d put my feet up near the fire or on top of some of the spare logs. With the Escape chair, I’ve got a built-in ottoman that sits at just the right level, and isn’t going to scrape up my legs. No more reaching and slouching down in the chair for comfort, it’s already there for us!

Sturdy Steel Frame

These types of chairs generally don’t hold tons and tons of weight. The weight capacity on the Alps Mountaineering Escape chair is about 225 pounds, thanks to the powder-coated steel frame. Now granted, I tend to push the weight limit on these things anyway, but it’s something good to be aware of, especially if you’re the type that leans on the back legs.

Packs Up Small

The Alps Escape packs up nice and tight with the included 8 x 41-inch shoulder carrying bag. This is only slightly larger than most chairs that don’t have a footrest included, so I’m giving the size of the bag a big thumbs up.

Very Affordable

Load a chair up with all of these features, throw in a cup holder, and eventually, you could be thinking to yourself that this one is going to be expensive. While it’s not quite as cheap as the basic folding chairs for camping, this also isn’t a basic folding chair. The Alps Mountaineering Escape Chair comes in at perfect, get-what-you-pay-for price point. Totally worthwhile investment.


All in all, I’m excited to add the Alps Mountaineering Escape Chair review to our list. The little added features (most notably the footrest) really bring a lot of unique value to this when you add it to your list of camping furniture.

Alps Mountaineering Escape Chair

Alps Mountaineering Escape Chair










          • Adjustable/Removable Footrest
          • Weighs only 10 pounds
          • Back is high enough to rest your head


          • Mesh cupholder
          • Difficult to get out of with footrest up
          • Little short for tall people

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