GCI Slim-Fold Cook Station Review

GCI Slim-Fold Cook Station Review
In choosing to do the GCI slim-fold cook station review, we noticed that this table is generally 10-20% more expensive than other cooking tables on amazon. Choosing camping gear isn’t like choosing a lot of the things that we might use in our day to day lives. Even if we’re careful, our camping stuff just takes a little more of a beating than anything at home. Whether it’s wear from weather, use and abuse, or just the fact that we need to clean everything so much more than usual, cheap camping gear doesn’t equal good. We want something that will last and perform at the same time. Looks like we have it.


The Skinny on our GCI Slim-Fold Cook Station Review

  • 52” Wide and 32” high when opened up
  • Weighs in at just under 20 pounds
  • Steel support beams with aluminum counter top
  • Includes utensil, cup, and paper towel holders

Our Thoughts

I think what turns us onto this table in particular is the powder coated steel support beams. While the shelving is all aluminum, the support is what keeps this thing together. It’s what takes the most beating from constant setup and tear-down. These beams are crucial to the overall performance, and come through with shining colors.

The 200+ pound weight limit is certainly nothing crazy. But the GCI cook station isn’t a hardware work bench holding 50-60 pound tools. Its design holds things like portable grills, food, maybe a small cooler. That being said, the weight limit is more than enough for most to get plenty of use out of this table.

The Things You Don’t Notice Right Away

For some, it’s the little things that count. The GCI folding table has all of these little extras that never seem like much at purchase but really come in handy down the road. From the utensil and cup holders to the ultra-convenient paper towel holder, it seems that GCI covers all bases to make sure that you get as much as possible out of your table.

This table is middle of the road in terms of weight. At just under 20 pounds, it’s not the lightest. But what it lacks in being lightweight it’s making up for in other areas. If you don’t have far to walk, it’s extremely easy to carry when folded up, making it a great beach accessory. In most cases, we find that most buyers keep this in their trunk, and use it at a campsite. This kind of makes weight negligible, but keep it in mind if you’re out to be lightweight about things.


I understand that there are cheaper options available for camping tables. The durability on the GCI cook station is very impressive by the measure of other reviewers. For the extra 10 or 20 bucks, I’ll gladly take something that’s going to last me a long time. You’ll plainly see when you look more GCI slim-fold cook station review writings like this one that this table is built to last, and impresses even the most critical of buyers.

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