5 Must-Have Camping Ideas You’ll Love

Need a few camping ideas to make your trip more enjoyable? We’ve got them right here. These simple and affordable ideas make camping easy, fun, and much more convenient!

The Vittles Vault Pet Food Container

Vittles VaultTime to stop forgetting your dog bowls! The Vittles Vault pet food container is one of our favorite camping ideas for those that love to bring Fido to the great outdoors. This container comes complete with sufficient food storage for several days, food and water bowls, and handle that keep it all together. Each bowl is one quart, and the storage area is 4 quarts.


The American Red Cross FRX3

Red Cross FRX3I’m not sold on solar power, so I want alternatives. This multi-power tool from the American Red Cross has it all. Charge it up on elbow grease using the crank. Keep it going with rechargeable batteries. Or, just use the solar power option. The FRX3 is complete with radio, light, and USB jack. You can charge your portable devices or listen to the AM/FM radio. This is definitely the ideal thing to have around when power is limited.


Become One with the Universe

universe-guideThe Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe is perfect for camping. This isn’t a novel or story, but a journey. If you’re out to find peace this book is extremely useful. If you still feel the stress of work when away, give this a read. This is a great way to relax in your outer surroundings and find inner peace. No matter how many times you read it, it will lift your spirits and mood. How you go into a camping trip determines what you get out of it. Make use of this book to make the most of both.


The Tethys Waterproof Float

float lanyardThe terrible thing about technology is that it sinks. So does a can of beer. No matter what you’re looking to make buoyant, this is the solution. The Tethys Waterproof float was designed to tether to almost anything (of the smaller size…Cameras, etc), and keep those things afloat. This is great for kayaking, snorkeling, or any other water activities where you don’t want to lose your valuable. It’s bright color makes it easy to spot, even downstream. A small investment that pays of big in no time.


Pocket Knife Style Camping Utensils

Utensil SetOne of my favorite camping ideas! Whether you’re parked at one of the many national parks or backpacking, this is extremely useful. Ditch plastic or valuable silverware for these affordable pocket knife sets. The blade is kind of sharp, so this isn’t for kids. If you want to use your knife and fork at the same time, you’d better get two. They’re easy to clean and super light.


Got More Camping Ideas? Sound off!

So, what do you think of our camping ideas? Share some of your own! We’d love to know what makes your camping trips more enjoyable!

5 Must-Have Camping Ideas You'll Love
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5 Must-Have Camping Ideas You'll Love
Check Out These 5 Camping Ideas that are Sure to Make Your Next Camping Trip Easier and More Enjoyable Whether You're Camping at a Park or Backpacking.
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