Biolite Campstove Review

Biolite Campstove Review
Ever been camping and needed your smartphone or camera charged up? If you don’t have access to power, this is often frustrating. While some of us desire the disconnect of camping, others like even minimal access to technology, whether it’s for communication or for preserving the memories we make. Our Biolite campstove review is obviously for those that appreciate the latter. If you like the disconnect, this product probably isn’t for you. If you enjoy using your phone while you camp, read away.


The Skinny on our Biolite Campstove Review

  • Biolite charges your USB devices from the heat of burning wood
  • Bundle includes portable grill, kettle pot, and flex light.
  • The Kettle also doubles as a carrying case for the Biolite

Our Thoughts

If anything, get the bundle that comes with the kettle and grill attachments. The charging unit itself is nice, but you can do so much more with the added accessories. The fire without the accessories is a nice bit of heat, but it’s not nearly the fun of roasting marshmallows over an open camp fire. You’ll appreciate a campsite’s fire ring for things like this. But the cooking accessories are definitely a convenience and take the Biolite campstove a step further.

Some say that this is the definition of glamping. They could be right. Many view camping about disconnecting from our mainstream lives, and that includes technology. But it’s also about doing what you enjoy. If part of that is taking lots of photos for your Instagram account, then this could be exactly what you’re looking for.

I’ve seen some pointers that say the Biolite campstove will charge your device for one hour of use within four minutes. That hour probably includes not watching YouTube videos or playing battery-destroying video games on your device. How long your device lasts after charging will always depend on your usage. Don’t count on the device to charge more than 10-15% over the course of such little time. Like any charger, you’ll need a sufficient amount of time to get your device to 100%. The larger the device, the longer the charge.

The kettle pot attachment is one of the best. It’s much more convenient to use the Biolite to heat up your morning coffee than struggling to get a fire going in the chilly morning air. The grill is a great way to keep things cleaner than using a campsite’s fire pit. You know where the grill has been and what’s been cooked on it. (FYI, you should be putting foil or other protection over any campsite’s fire pit grill)


To conclude the Biolite campstove review, this product definitely wins in the unique field. There isn’t a whole lot else out there that’s reliable and durable. The design of the product is second to none, and those who want a USB charger will certainly appreciate it. It could be a valuable add-on to have around in a time of emergency or power outage as well.
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Biolite Campstove Review
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