DIY Backpacking Grill

As a backpacker, it’s easy to realize that sometimes you need to think outside the box. The nice folks at Nifty Outdoors have come up with this brilliant idea for a DIY backpacking grill.

What you’ll need:

Step 1: Mark off 1-inch marks on both Copper Pipes

You’ll be drilling into these later. Make sure that the marks are aligned horizonally.

Step 2: Drill Holes

Use a 3/32 drill bit in your drill to drill holes on each pipe. Do NOT drill through the other side. On the 3/4″ pipe, drill through the other side of the 2 outermost markings on each end.

Prep the bike spokes

Cut both ends off of 9 bike spokes, while leaving the screw end intact on the other 2. Using pliers or the wire cutter, bend a 90-degree angle on one of the cut ends of each spoke.

Assemble the grill

Place one bent end into each of the 11 holes of the 5/8″ pipe, saving the 2 spokes with only one cut end for the outermost holes. Attach the 3/4″ pipe to the other end of the spokes. The 2 spokes with uncut screw ends will go completely through the 3/4″ pipe on those outermost holes. Use the spoke screws to secure these 2 spokes in place, which holds the grill firmly in place when in use.

Fold up the grill

Remove the screws and spokes, and place them all inside the 5/8″ copper pipe. Place that inside the 3/4″ copper pipe. Use the 3/4″ copper caps to hold it all together.

And that’s it! You’ve got your very own DIY portable camping grill that’s lightweight and perfect for backpacking.

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DIY Backpacking Grill
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DIY Backpacking Grill
Check out Nifty Outdoors' easy video on building a DIY backpacking grill that's lightweight and portable!
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