6 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Before Camping

You’re all packed. You’ve got your plan all set. A few days in the great outdoors with the family is the goal. But before you leave, the kids want to watch a movie. Might we recommend a few that you SHOULDN’T watch before you go camping. The woods can be a strange place when you’re camping. These movies make them even stranger…and scarier.

1. The Blair Witch Project

Blair Witch ProjectThis movie only really scared me the first time I saw it. It seemed to be one that just didn’t have impact after my first viewing. HOWEVER, it was a movie that, when I got home, had me sleeping with the lights on. My house at the time backed up to woods, and it took several days before I could walk in the backyard at night without getting creeped out. If you’re prone to motion sickness, this may not be the best movie for you. If not, go see it…just not before a camping trip.

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2. Backcountry

If you’ve ever camped Yosemite, you know that bears a real threat to property. They’re only a human threat if you instigate. Backcountry lets you think the opposite. The perfect movie for you not to watch if you’ve never been camping before. An urban couple goes camping in the woods and crosses paths with a man-eating bear. This one will surely conjure you into getting that armored vehicle instead of the luxury RV.

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3. Cabin Fever

Cabin FeverI highly don’t recommend the 2002 version. This movie is the exact reason I like to camp in a tent versus some pre-built cabin. Cabin fever is a movie about a flesh-eating bacteria that infects a bunch of teenagers out for a good time. Horror ensues and all hope is lost for any chance of survival. It’s nice to see that the movie has a little romance in it, but boy does that go south fast.

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4. Wrong Turn

Wrong turnIt’s not being in the woods that’s scary, it’s being in the woods with someone else that’s frightening. It’s even worse when that someone is a bunch of crazy cannibals out to do more than just scare you. But come on, that’s not real. Cannibals don’t exist around campsite, right? RIGHT? I’m just gonna keep the car keys and axe close by.

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5. Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th“You may only see it once, but that will be enough”. This 1980 classic has outlived and outperformed several other camping horror stories. As a shuttered campground preps for re-opening, counselors meet their demise. One by one, Jason and his hockey mask deal a little terror that will have you completely freaked. Summer camp should be cancelled after this one. The classic sound effect still scares me.

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6. Eden Lake

Eden LakeYou’re always a tourist, even when camping. A group of teens haunt what seemed to be a romantic getaway for a couple. No ghosts or demons in this one, just a nightmare of a camping trip that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and have you think twice about your upcoming getaway. Don’t leave the car keys lying around.

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6 Movies You Shouldn't Watch Before Camping
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6 Movies You Shouldn't Watch Before Camping
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